What to keep in mind as coder, when updating to 22R1 and how to prepare for 22R2

Hi fellow coders. While most updates of Polarion don’t need any changes of your customizations, there will be a few things for 22R1 and 22R2 to pay attention to.

The offical information can be found in the “What’s new and Noteworthy” of Polarion 22R1. In the technology update chapter it references an important new document you’ll find in the support portal: Deprecation and Removal Plan. But I want to summarize most important stuff for everyone who’s regularly customizing Polarion.

For 22R1 there were several updates, but log4j might be the most impactfull in this release:

UpdatedPossible Impact
Log4J update to 2.17.1Some extensions might not work anymore and prevent the server from starting. Please make sure to update all extensions. Many have been updated by Polarion R&D on extension portal. Check your own and update them. A small guide can be found in the “configuration.txt” in the Polarion update folder. Here a copy of it:

a) (Recommended) Replace "import org.apache.log4j.Logger" with "import com.polarion.core.util.logging.Logger" in the classes that use a logger. This approach uses log4j2. Warning! The current implementation of com.polarion.core.util.logging.Logger is not yet part of our API. We can only guarantee support for basic logging methods and levels such as info, debug, isDebugEnabled, etc. We will add additional methods in future versions of Polarion.

b) Add the old log4j-1.2.17.jar file to the classpath of the extension. (Only suggested in cases where it is not possible to update the extension to the new Log4j version.)
To add the old log4j-1.2.17.jar file to the classpath of the extension:
1. Download the jar from: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/log4j/log4j/1.2.17/ 2. Stop Polarion. 3. Copy the log4j-1.2.17.jar to the [EXTENSION_PLUGIN]/lib/ directory. [EXTENSION_PLUGIN] is either a jar file or a directory located in the [POLARION_HOME]/polarion/extensions/[EXTENSION]/eclipse/plugins directory. (If it's a .jar file, unpack it.) 4. Update the [EXTENSION_PLUGIN]/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file by adding "lib/log4j-1.2.17.jar" to the Bundle-ClassPath section. 5. Delete [POLARION_HOME]/data/workspace/.config 6. Start Polarion.

Rhino JS scripting engine removedWas deprecated since 2016 and should not have an impact to your recent scripts. But you might have to adapt your js workflows, conditions etc.
Groovy 1.5.7 was updated to 2.4.21You might have to adapt your groovy workflows, conditions etc.

For 22R2 there will come up more impactfull changes:

UpdatedPossible Impact
Java 11 –> Java 17You might have to update your extensions to Java 17.
Nashorn JS engine will be replaced by GraalVMThis will have an impact on many js scripts. But you can prepare for it. Set the property “com.polarion.scripting.useGraalJsEngine=true” in the polarion.properties and adapt your scripts on a test server while you’re still on 22R1.

Please check additionally the official Deprecation and Removal Plan, the “What’s new and Notworthy”-blog post and also the text files contained in the update for more details. There will also be changes regarding operating systems support and possibly other important changes for you. I just summarized important scripting news here, as I guess it is somewhat relevant for the audience of this blog.

Wish you the Best!

Polarion Dude

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