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Welcome to our blog about Polarion and ALM

Creating report pages, writing scripts, configure Polarion – Here I’ll share my experiences about Polarion use cases and customizing.

What will you find here?

Short: Polarion Use Cases and Customizing.

Polarion is an incredible powerful tool and offers many possibilites for configuration in an easy to access user interface.

But simply being able to create SQL queries in Polarion and use them to configure reports, increases the reporting capabilities of your project by a lot. Let alone being able to create custom workflows, widgets or save hooks.

On this blog I want to share everything I’ve learned in the past 4 years with you, starting from a very basic level.

My last posts

General Programming Tips: 5 Important Design Patterns

Because I never had a real programmer job and most of what I learnt regarding software development was more or less self thaught, I recently started to pursue a master’s degree in software engineering. And there seem to be more like me out there, that learnt coding more by doing than from school or university.…

SWE.4 – Software Unit Verification

Welcome,for our todays A-SPICE process review. In the last post we managed to close up the left side of the V-model. With SWE.4 – Software Unit Verification we will enter the right site of the V, focusing on testing activities. As the ID already refers, we will begin with the software area. Let´s go ID:…

Check out the Polarion Advent Calendar 2022!

Siemens is providing his second Polarion advent calendar containing a wide variety of technical stuff put into the context of christmas. Don’t forget to check it out. It’s great content for all Polarion admins & consultants to get inspired and find out what is possible! 🙂 Find the advent calendar here: Polarion Advent Calendar


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