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Creating report pages, writing scripts, configure Polarion – Here I’ll share my experiences about Polarion use cases and customizing.

What will you find here?

Short: Polarion Use Cases and Customizing.

Polarion is an incredible powerful tool and offers many possibilites for configuration in an easy to access user interface.

But simply being able to create SQL queries in Polarion and use them to configure reports, increases the reporting capabilities of your project by a lot. Let alone being able to create custom workflows, widgets or save hooks.

On this blog I want to share everything I’ve learned in the past 4 years with you, starting from a very basic level.

My last posts

What to keep in mind as coder, when updating to 22R1 and how to prepare for 22R2

Hi fellow coders. While most updates of Polarion don’t need any changes of your customizations, there will be a few things for 22R1 and 22R2 to pay attention to. The offical information can be found in the “What’s new and Noteworthy” of Polarion 22R1. In the technology update chapter it references an important new documentContinue reading “What to keep in mind as coder, when updating to 22R1 and how to prepare for 22R2”

SWE.3 – Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction

Welcome,to my series about A-SPICE and its related processes. Today we want to take a deeper look into SWE.3 – Software Detailed Design. In the last post we covered the software architectural design and prepared all relevant project development data for this process. Shall we begin? ID: SWE.3Process name: Software Detailed Design and Unit ConstructionProcessContinue reading “SWE.3 – Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction”


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