Basics: Report Pages

Report Pages ermöglichen es einem beinahe alles live zu reporten, was sich Projektmanager, Testmanager oder auch andere Nutzer wünschen. Hier gehe ich aber ersteinmal auf ein paar grundlegen Eigenschaften der Report Pages ein. Report Pages lassen sich innerhalb eines Spaces anlegen, wenn man auf dessen Index geht. Klickt man auf das + Symbol oben links,Continue reading “Basics: Report Pages”

Basics: Velocity

Velocity – the quick way, to realize small customizings in Polarion. In this Part, I will explain the basic functionalities of Velocity in Polarion. Additional information about APIs will be introduced in other posts. First of all: What can I do with Velocity? Configure report widgets even more detailed Create your own widgets Render informationContinue reading “Basics: Velocity”

Advanced Reporting: Page Parameter

Making reports configurable – how to work with “Page Parameters”. Although the report pages can always be configured over the administration page, this can be really annoying, time consuming and needs admin rights for report pages. To fix this, you can simply implement configurable parameters in the report page, which will make the report moreContinue reading “Advanced Reporting: Page Parameter”

Use Case: How to easily create a System Specification with Polarion – Fast & Audit-Safe

While Polarion doesn’t support you in doing the writing itself (atleast OOTB – checkout ReqLab on Polarion Extensions), it has a lot of features to speed up the creation process, while caring about all the things like Revisioning and Traceability, which you need for audits or process norms. In this post I’ll go trough theContinue reading “Use Case: How to easily create a System Specification with Polarion – Fast & Audit-Safe”

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