Maximize Reuse / Minimize Maintenance in Software Development

Reusing software snippets from previous projects or platforms can be simple and efficient – You will be faster, as if you would have to write each line by your own. This is obvious to everyone. But what’s far less obvious is: Not only the initial creation, but also the maintenance could be way more efficientContinue reading “Maximize Reuse / Minimize Maintenance in Software Development”

Basics: Polarion Templates

You might want to modify existing project templates or even create a complete new one, to instantiate new projects based on your own templates – adapted to your specific processes. Here I will explain the absolute basics about the structure of project templates. To understand project templates, lets take a look at the project structureContinue reading “Basics: Polarion Templates”

Advanced: Create your individual workflow condition with Javascript

While configuring workflows in Polarion, we may want to have certain conditions fulfilled, before a work item or document can go into the next status. As long as we just want to configure, that some fields must be filled or a user must have a certain role, it’s easy. Complex conditions on the other handContinue reading “Advanced: Create your individual workflow condition with Javascript”

Use Case: How to work with baselined content to create a new variant

There might be thousands of reasons, why you want to continue working on old versions of your documents like Requirement-, Test- or Product Specifications. You maybe want to create another variant of your software – but not based on your latest version, but maybe on your version 1.0. Now you might be already at versionContinue reading “Use Case: How to work with baselined content to create a new variant”

Use Case: A Customer Requirement changes – Impact analysis and staying consistent

It’s rare, that a whole software project gets finished and the customer didn’t change any of his previous requirements. But now we already have developed code, designed hardware and wrote tests – which have to be changed now? How much will it cost? In this post I will show you how to answer this easilyContinue reading “Use Case: A Customer Requirement changes – Impact analysis and staying consistent”

Rendering vs Open API

When to use Rendering and when to use the Open API of Polarion – A question often asked. Which I’m trying to make a little bit clearer. This post is based upon my experience with the APIs. I’m aware of the fact, that some things I’m explaining may not be perfect. Maybe there are waysContinue reading “Rendering vs Open API”

Change the Polarion help (e.g. add your custom documentation)

If your company customized Polarion in a special way and users should know about it – where would be a better place for documentation, if not the Polarion help. In this articel I’ll show, how you can adapt the Polarion help. You can find the whole content of the Polarion help in the path: “Polarion/polarion/plugins/com.polarion.xray.doc.user”Continue reading “Change the Polarion help (e.g. add your custom documentation)”

Basics: Filter Work Items and configure Widgets by SQL Queries

Most Polarion users use the lucene filter functionality on a daily basis, as it’s pretty handy and easy to use. But there is one downside to lucene queries: as soon as you want to create a filter, based on a complex linking scheme, you will have to switch to using SQL Queries or Velocity Code.Continue reading “Basics: Filter Work Items and configure Widgets by SQL Queries”

Basics: Get your own free local Polarion installation

In this guide I’ll show you how to install the 30-day trial version of Siemens Polarion. A local Polarion installation can be useful in many ways. The most obvious is to try something, before putting it on a system where other users have access too. This will be the place, where you can use andContinue reading “Basics: Get your own free local Polarion installation”

Basics: Developing Extensions – The Polarion SDK

In this basic guide I want to explain on a high level, what and where you can find the things you need for Development in the SDK of Polarion.Although there is a lot of information in the SDK, it isn’t necessarily easy to find or self explaining. So I want to give a high-level overviewContinue reading “Basics: Developing Extensions – The Polarion SDK”

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