Setting up a Polarion, Jenkins and SonarQube Toolchain for Software Development

In this post I will go trough the steps to set up a simple toolchain that allows me to manage my small development projects: Polarion to keep track of all User Stories/Requirements, Change Requests and Issues that are planned and fixed in a specific release. Jenkins to configure your build management for your software andContinue reading “Setting up a Polarion, Jenkins and SonarQube Toolchain for Software Development”

SWE.2 – Software Architectural Design

Hi there,hope you´re doing well. I would like to continue today with our A-SPICE series. Todays scope will focus on the SWE.2 – Software Architectural Design process. Previously we had a closer look onto SWE.1 – Software Requirements Analysis, which provides us the relevant information for this process. Let´s go!! Lets get started ID: SWE.2ProcessContinue reading “SWE.2 – Software Architectural Design”

SWE.1 – Software Requirements Analysis

Welcome in 2021,I know its already been some months but I hope you had a good and motivated start into the new year. What could be better than starting by reading the newest blog post about “SWE.1 Software Requirements Analysis”? Last year we´ve analyzed the “SYS.3 System Architectural Design” process and finished the system levelContinue reading “SWE.1 – Software Requirements Analysis”

SYS.3 – System Architectural Design

Hello there,thank you for joining in for another round with me. This post will cover the A-SPICE SYS.3 – System Architectural Design process. In our last episode we took a closer look on the SYS.2 – System Requirements Analysis process. So if you missed this one, go check it out. Lets get started ID: SYS.3ProcessContinue reading “SYS.3 – System Architectural Design”

SYS.2 – System Requirements Analysis

Welcome back!I´m NotDenis and I will give you my thoughts on the A-SPICE SYS.2 process. In the last blogs we have covered the structure and concept of A-SPICE where as now I want to explain each process of the HIS/VDA Scope. Structure But before we start maybe we should check how the processes are documented.IfContinue reading “SYS.2 – System Requirements Analysis”

Advanced: The Work Item Pre-Save Hook – checking Work Items before saving

Topic: Checking, if the entered data is correct, before saving a Work Item in Polarion – this is made possible by a small extension on the extension portal.

Maximize Reuse / Minimize Maintenance in Software Development

Reusing software snippets from previous projects or platforms can be simple and efficient – You will be faster, as if you would have to write each line by your own. This is obvious to everyone. But what’s far less obvious is: Not only the initial creation, but also the maintenance could be way more efficientContinue reading “Maximize Reuse / Minimize Maintenance in Software Development”

Use Case: How to work with baselined content to create a new variant

There might be thousands of reasons, why you want to continue working on old versions of your documents like Requirement-, Test- or Product Specifications. You maybe want to create another variant of your software – but not based on your latest version, but maybe on your version 1.0. Now you might be already at versionContinue reading “Use Case: How to work with baselined content to create a new variant”

Use Case: A Customer Requirement changes – Impact analysis and staying consistent

It’s rare, that a whole software project gets finished and the customer didn’t change any of his previous requirements. But now we already have developed code, designed hardware and wrote tests – which have to be changed now? How much will it cost? In this post I will show you how to answer this easilyContinue reading “Use Case: A Customer Requirement changes – Impact analysis and staying consistent”

Change the Polarion help (e.g. add your custom documentation)

If your company customized Polarion in a special way and users should know about it – where would be a better place for documentation, if not the Polarion help. In this articel I’ll show, how you can adapt the Polarion help. You can find the whole content of the Polarion help in the path: “Polarion/polarion/plugins/com.polarion.xray.doc.user”Continue reading “Change the Polarion help (e.g. add your custom documentation)”

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