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Advanced Reporting: Scripted Page Parameters

Most widgets can use page parameters so that users can configure them without going into the edit mode of the report page. But some widgets have the additional capability to utilize “scripted page parameters” that can be used to add scripted logic to widget parameters. … So what do I mean by it? Let meContinue reading “Advanced Reporting: Scripted Page Parameters”


SYS.3 – System Architectural Design

Hello there,thank you for joining in for another round with me. This post will cover the A-SPICE SYS.3 – System Architectural Design process. In our last episode we took a closer look on the SYS.2 – System Requirements Analysis process. So if you missed this one, go check it out. Lets get started ID: SYS.3ProcessContinue reading “SYS.3 – System Architectural Design”

Use Case: A Customer Requirement changes – Impact analysis and staying consistent

It’s rare, that a whole software project gets finished and the customer didn’t change any of his previous requirements. But now we already have developed code, designed hardware and wrote tests – which have to be changed now? How much will it cost? In this post I will show you how to answer this easilyContinue reading “Use Case: A Customer Requirement changes – Impact analysis and staying consistent”

Basics: Filter Work Items and configure Widgets by SQL Queries

Most Polarion users use the lucene filter functionality on a daily basis, as it’s pretty handy and easy to use. But there is one downside to lucene queries: as soon as you want to create a filter, based on a complex linking scheme, you will have to switch to using SQL Queries or Velocity Code.Continue reading “Basics: Filter Work Items and configure Widgets by SQL Queries”

Basics: Report Pages

Report Pages erm√∂glichen es einem beinahe alles live zu reporten, was sich Projektmanager, Testmanager oder auch andere Nutzer w√ľnschen. Hier gehe ich aber ersteinmal auf ein paar grundlegen Eigenschaften der Report Pages ein. Report Pages lassen sich innerhalb eines Spaces anlegen, wenn man auf dessen Index geht. Klickt man auf das + Symbol oben links,Continue reading “Basics: Report Pages”

Advanced Reporting: Page Parameter

Making reports configurable – how to work with “Page Parameters”. Although the report pages can always be configured over the administration page, this can be really annoying, time consuming and needs admin rights for report pages. To fix this, you can simply implement configurable parameters in the report page, which will make the report moreContinue reading “Advanced Reporting: Page Parameter”