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The Basics of Java Widget Creation

While the creation of velocity widgets is quick and easy, you’ll might come across use cases that can only be tackled with the creation of a Java based widgets. This is mostly the case as soon as you want to create an interactive widget. In this post I want to go trough the basics ofContinue reading “The Basics of Java Widget Creation”


Rendering generated Content in Polarion Documents

So far, developing and using Widgets is a standard when displaying aggregated data of Work Items across the whole project or different documents, for stuff like testing reports, traceability matrixes. But these are always external, can of course be opened in a baseline (e.g. for a specific release), but do not have a Workflow orContinue reading “Rendering generated Content in Polarion Documents”

Maximize Reuse / Minimize Maintenance in Software Development

Reusing software snippets from previous projects or platforms can be simple and efficient – You will be faster, as if you would have to write each line by your own. This is obvious to everyone. But what’s far less obvious is: Not only the initial creation, but also the maintenance could be way more efficientContinue reading “Maximize Reuse / Minimize Maintenance in Software Development”