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Creating Form Extensions with Velocity

While you can easily create reports and widgets for Live Report pages with Velocity, you would usually have to create a Java extension in order to create something that will extend the work item view. But with the “Velocity Form”-extension you will be able to create extensions for the work item view as quickly asContinue reading “Creating Form Extensions with Velocity”


Rendering generated Content in Polarion Documents

So far, developing and using Widgets is a standard when displaying aggregated data of Work Items across the whole project or different documents, for stuff like testing reports, traceability matrixes. But these are always external, can of course be opened in a baseline (e.g. for a specific release), but do not have a Workflow orContinue reading “Rendering generated Content in Polarion Documents”

Create your individual Widget easily with the Active Questionnaire [Part 1]

The extension portal offers a super powerfull widget that basically allows you to create your own widget UI via drag & drop and the execution logic via Javascript. In most cases this will be much quicker than creating your own Java widgets, because you don’t have to build the front-end from scratch and you don’tContinue reading “Create your individual Widget easily with the Active Questionnaire [Part 1]”

Advanced Reporting: Scripted Page Parameters

Most widgets can use page parameters so that users can configure them without going into the edit mode of the report page. But some widgets have the additional capability to utilize “scripted page parameters” that can be used to add scripted logic to widget parameters. … So what do I mean by it? Let meContinue reading “Advanced Reporting: Scripted Page Parameters”

How to Navigate Polarions APIs – Some basic Tips

While it becomes pretty easy to achive your goal with the Polarion API, if you have experience and know where to search – it can be equally frustrating, if you don’t find the necessary classes, methods and starting points. In this post I want to share my “search-tactics” in the Polarion API to find whatContinue reading “How to Navigate Polarions APIs – Some basic Tips”

How to create your own Velocity Widget

Polarion offers the possibility to create your own widgets that you can add in any LiveReport pages of your project. They enable you to report or show exactly the information which is needed in your project. In this post I will explain the basics of velocity widget development and an example of how you couldContinue reading “How to create your own Velocity Widget”

Advanced: The Work Item Pre-Save Hook – checking Work Items before saving

Topic: Checking, if the entered data is correct, before saving a Work Item in Polarion – this is made possible by a small extension on the extension portal.

Rendering vs Open API

When to use Rendering and when to use the Open API of Polarion – A question often asked. Which I’m trying to make a little bit clearer. This post is based upon my experience with the APIs. I’m aware of the fact, that some things I’m explaining may not be perfect. Maybe there are waysContinue reading “Rendering vs Open API”