Creating Form Extensions with Velocity

While you can easily create reports and widgets for Live Report pages with Velocity, you would usually have to create a Java extension in order to create something that will extend the work item view. But with the “Velocity Form”-extension you will be able to create extensions for the work item view as quickly asContinue reading “Creating Form Extensions with Velocity”

Create your individual Widget easily with the Active Questionnaire [Part 1]

The extension portal offers a super powerfull widget that basically allows you to create your own widget UI via drag & drop and the execution logic via Javascript. In most cases this will be much quicker than creating your own Java widgets, because you don’t have to build the front-end from scratch and you don’tContinue reading “Create your individual Widget easily with the Active Questionnaire [Part 1]”

Advanced Reporting: Scripted Page Parameters

Most widgets can use page parameters so that users can configure them without going into the edit mode of the report page. But some widgets have the additional capability to utilize “scripted page parameters” that can be used to add scripted logic to widget parameters. … So what do I mean by it? Let meContinue reading “Advanced Reporting: Scripted Page Parameters”

Revert changes and recover deleted items in Polarion

Because Polarion saves each change in the underlying SVN repository, you can restore data or revert any changes you’ve made in Polarion. Attention: Be very carefull with working directly at the repository! I recommend to test changes on the repository at a local Polarion first, before you do it at a productive system. I wantContinue reading “Revert changes and recover deleted items in Polarion”

SYS.3 – System Architectural Design

Hello there,thank you for joining in for another round with me. This post will cover the A-SPICE SYS.3 – System Architectural Design process. In our last episode we took a closer look on the SYS.2 – System Requirements Analysis process. So if you missed this one, go check it out. Lets get started ID: SYS.3ProcessContinue reading “SYS.3 – System Architectural Design”

Advanced: The Work Item Pre-Save Hook – checking Work Items before saving

Topic: Checking, if the entered data is correct, before saving a Work Item in Polarion – this is made possible by a small extension on the extension portal.

A-SPICE – the journey continues

Hi there, It´s NotDenis again. Welcome back to my series of A-SPICE related thoughts and findings. In case you find it hard to understand the content here, try reading my first post. It should explain all the basics, so its easier for you to follow.First post What do we know so far? In our lastContinue reading “A-SPICE – the journey continues”

A-SPICE – start of a journey

Hi there, I´m NotDenis and I want to welcome you on my first blog post ever. Why am I doing this?In my job I often encounter the challenge of fulfilling or understanding a ISO/norm. And I must say. Its not a easy task! Often I hear terms like ISO26262, A-SPICE etc. But what does thisContinue reading “A-SPICE – start of a journey”

Advanced: Create your individual workflow condition with Javascript

While configuring workflows in Polarion, we may want to have certain conditions fulfilled, before a work item or document can go into the next status. As long as we just want to configure, that some fields must be filled or a user must have a certain role, it’s easy. Complex conditions on the other handContinue reading “Advanced: Create your individual workflow condition with Javascript”

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